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Dividing / Collecting Breechings

At Fire Protection Shop, part of our water delivery range is supply Dividing and Collecting Breechings in a number of different formats. Options are available in standard or controlled, light alloy or gunmetal and with either British or International fittings for individual compatibility of use.

The Dividing Breeching takes a single water supply and divides it into two, allowing the user to fit two hoselines to one water supply for enhanced water delivery and can be supplied with an on/off ball valve or with a screw-down valve creating a Controlled Dividing Breeching.

The Collecting Breechings work in completely the opposite direction to the Dividing Breechings and give the user the ability to have two water feed hoses supplying one outlet. As with the Dividing Breechings these can be supplied as ‘Standard’ or ‘Controlled’. All of Delta’s water delivery products can be adapted for use with any International fittings.