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Fire Buckets

A Fire Bucket is filled with sand or sometimes water and is used to extinguish fires. These are a low technology method of fighting fires. Usually these buckets are hung on dedicated fire bucket stands and placed prominently near a risk of fire; such as barbeques, petrol stations, and are also comply found in hyperbaric chambers.

Oil fires are resistant to water, but small fires can be effectively extinguished by using a sand bucket to starve the fire of oxygen. Sand buckets can also be used to absorb inflammable liquid spills and render them less dangerous.

These buckets are sometimes used for the suppression of class D fires which are fires from burning metals such as magnesium, potassium, titanium, and zirconium. If using a fire bucket for these type of fires you must ensure the sand is completely dry, otherwise the intense heat will quickly turn the moisture into steam and potentially splattering the burning metal on operator.