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Fire Extinguisher Mobile Fire Points & Sack Trucks

Fire Protection Shop supply a wide range of Fire Extinguisher Trolleys, all our Trolleys are manufactured to a high standard and come at a very competitive price. Many facilities and work environments, such as forecourts and construction sites don’t have convenient walls or dedicated areas where a Fire Extinguisher Stand can be placed.

Available from Fire Protection Shop are a range of howler mobile fire points ideal for storing not only the fire extinguisher but Howler fire alarms, backboards and signage including fire point sign and fire action sign.

You can also purchase a range of Jonesco mobile fire points with and without lids which are mobile display points ideal for multiple applications and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The point is easy to assemble and disassemble and highly customisable.

The Evacuator Hub Masters are your one stop location for all of your onsite spill control needs, from construction sites through to large warehouses & outdoor events. The hubs Single shelf and White back board gives the user a functional place for mounting their signage, snap frames, Evacuator site alarm & any other safety related product needed. The Evacuator is available as a fire equipment hub master, first aid hub master and spill station hub master.

Available from Fire Protection Shop are a range of stair climber trucks ideal for moving items such as furniture etc up and down steps and stairways. The trucks are available in a range of load capacities including 75kg, 80kg, 110kg, 150kg, 200kg, 250kg and 300kg.

The aluminium sack trucks are lightweight and as strong as steel. The lightweight nature of these sack trucks means a reduction in effort and overall fatigue. Available in a range of styles suited to a number of applications in both the home and business.