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Industrial Spill Control

At Fire Protection Shop we offer a comprehensive range of emergency response spill kits enabling you to handle and clean up all types of spillages. All our Spill Kits come in sizes for dealing with spills from 5 litres to 950 litres.

Maintenance Spill Kits - emergency response to non-corrosive liquids, hydrocarbons, solvents, other aqueous and organic liquids.

Oils Spill Kits - emergency response to hydrocarbons, solvents and other organic liquid spills.

Chemical Spill Kits - emergency response to chemicals and hazardous liquids.

All our Spill Control Kits are fully compliant to the latest standards and regulations, please see standards below:

Regulation 13 of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 places a duty on employers to provide for appropriate emergency response including immediate remedial action.

EN ISO 14001 requires organisations to “establish and maintain procedures to identify potential for and respond to accidents and emergency situations, and for preventing and mitigating the environmental impact that may be associated with them” (Clause 4.4.7).

Effectively respond to any oil, chemical or general fluid spill on site, land and water, meet with EA guidelines and legislation and assist with ISO 14001 compliance.

Our range of Emergency Response Spill kits are available from stock for next day delivery.

The drain mats are ideal for instantly sealing a drain in order to prevent spilt oils and chemicals flowing into a storm drain and into controlled waters. The drain putty is ideal for the emergency sealing of leaks from tears, ruptures and holes. The putty is ready and simple to use.

The leak sealing putty is ideal for plugging Steel Drums in an emergency which involve leaks from tears, ruptures and holes. The putty is ready and simple to use straight out of the tub.

The tribund storage tanks and drive in tribund are ideal to use as a rapid use, multi-purpose secondary containment bunding system to catch oil, fuel, chemical spills and contaminated water to stop spread of pollutants. The drive in however features additional support and guidance for vehicle tyres which makes it ideal for loading and unloading of goods from vehicles. The tribund is also suitable for vehicles from plant to road tankers.