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Vibrating Pillow Units

Our Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Units are ideally suited for the safety of those who are hard of hearing or deaf. The Deafgard portable device alerts people in an emergency with its vibrating pad and flashing light. The device will also display the words 'FIRE' on the display screen. The Fire Angel W2-SVP-630 Wi-Safe 2 Mains Powered With Battery Back-Up Strobe And Vibrating Pillow has a high intensity strobe which illuminates and vibrating pad which triggers on activation. 

The Agrippa Pillow Fire Alarm works by using a 'listen and learn' digital wire-free technology that will listen for the unique sound of a specific alarm. When the alarm sounds, the pillow pad will vibrate and will emit a high intensity LED light flash along with the LCD screen display showing 'fire'.