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Specific Risk

Available from Fire Protection are a range of specific risk products including the Mass Casualty Kit – 5 x Critical Injury Pack which provides multiple Critical Injury Packs in an easy to carry shoulder bag. The kit is suitable for anywhere that has risk of severe injury to multiple people.

The Decontamination Kits for Chemical and Acid Attacks are designed for immediate response to chemical and acid attacks. The kit is ideal for ambulance, police, shopping centres, stadiums and other public services.

The HypaStop Critical Injury Pack, Standard is designed to be used anywhere a person could suffer from a severe injury such as working with dangerous machinery, cutting equipment, power tools or exotic animals. The pack is recommended for a range of industries, including agriculture, forestry, construction, woodworking and glass cutting, dangerous machinery, power tools, forestry or cutting equipment.

The safety first aid guidance posters can help to raise safety awareness throughout your organisation. The Electric Shock has clear step by step instructions on how to react in case of electric shock and how to provide treatment to someone that has been electrocuted. The poster is designed both first aiders and non-first aiders with the essential first aid and safety information.