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Smoke & CO Alarms

Smoke alarms can detect a fire during the early stages and give you those precious minutes to respond. There are four main types of alarms and most modern buildings will utilise all of them.

Ionisation: These type of smoke alarms costs the least to purchase and are very sensitive to small smoke particles produced by fires. They will detect the fire before the smoke gets too thick and will give you an opportunity to either fight the fire or remove yourself safely from the building.

Optical: These alarms are more expensive but are more effective at detecting larger particles of smoke produced by slower burning fires, such as smoldering organic matter or overheated plastic. These alarms are marginally less sensitive to free burning flames that produce smaller smoke particles.

Heat: Heat alarms are generally used in kitchens because the smoke caused by cooking can easily trigger traditional ionisation and optical alarms. A heat detector should not replace an optical or ionisation alarm but should be used in the kitchen.

Carbon Monoxide: Carbon monoxide is produced when gas appliances like boilers, built-in ovens or freestanding cookers aren't fully burning their fuel. An audible carbon monoxide alarm is a good way to ensure you're immediately alerted to any carbon monoxide in your home.