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In the event of a fire, selecting the appropriate fire extinguisher is crucial. Misusing a fire extinguisher can worsen the situation by spreading the flames.

  • Class A, Flammable Solids - Cloth, Paper, Wood etc

  • Class B, Flammable Liquids - Alcohol, Gasoline, Fuel

  • Class C, Flammable Gas - Propane, Butane

  • Class F, Cooking Oils, Fats

FireShield, a reputable British company, manufactures fire extinguishers that meet stringent BS EN3 standards, allowing them to be distributed in the UK and Europe. These fire extinguishers are ideal for general use in offices, homes and vehicles. Designed for durability, FireShield's extinguishers often feature MED approvals, corrosion-resistant cylinders, and brass valve assemblies. Their robust outer casings are built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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