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School fire risk assessments

When schools embark on structural changes to their premises, particularly during the summer months when students are on break, it is imperative to prioritise fire safety measures. These alterations, ranging from renovations to expansions, significantly impact the overall fire risk profile of the school environment. As such, a comprehensive fire risk assessment becomes not only necessary but also legally required in the UK.

The fire risk assessment identifies new fire hazards introduced by the structural modifications. For example, something as simple as upgrading the school canteen could lead to:

  • Electrical fire risks from toasters, microwaves, refrigerators

  • Class F and C fires from cooking oils, fats, grease and propane gases

  • Class B fires from chemicals, cleaning agents etc

Fire Safety in Education

Fire safety in the education sector is crucial for ensuring the well-being of students, staff, and faculty. Essential components include strategically placed and regularly maintained fire extinguishers for addressing small fires, clear and visible emergency signs to guide occupants to safety, and fire blankets in key areas like science labs and kitchens for smothering fires or protecting individuals. Regular training and drills on the use of this equipment further enhance safety and preparedness in educational institutions.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

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Extinguisher and Blanket Servicing

A large proportion of the fire safety with any education setting, is the servicing of any and all fire equipment, whether that is the extinguihsers, fire blankets or any part of the fire alarm system.

At Fire Protection Shop, we offer UK-wide fire extinguisher servicing and fire blanket servicing to ensure your school or childcare setting is protecting in the event of a fire emergency. All of our engineers are British Standard and BAFE certified so quality and peace of mind are guarenteed.

We service schools and childcare settings acroos the England, Scotland and Wales so we know the limitations and specific requirements of such spaces. We can be flexible to your needs and work within the scope of the school day or holidays where necessary.

We also offer a commission and fit service for any of the fire extinguishers you purchase from us today. Simply select the option on the product page before you add it to your basket. Or if you have any questions about what may be required in your specific educational environment, contact our customer care team today on: 0330 058 0631.