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Fire Extinguisher I.D Signs

Fire Protection Shop supply the full range of Fire Extinguisher Signs, all our Identification Signs are manufactured to the latest standards. We stock a full range including Self Adhesive Vinyl, Rigid Plastic, Photoluminescent (Glow In The Dark) and also Prestige. Extinguisher Identification Signs are designed to be placed above the relevant Fire extinguisher to identify the types of Fire that particular Fire Extinguisher can fight.

UK Law now requires that all fire extinguishers be accompanies by an identification sign so that anyone can easily understand the type of fire extinguisher and how to use it.

Our range of Fire Extinguisher Signs include Water Fire Extinguisher Signs, Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher Signs, Foam Fire Extinguishers Signs, Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Signs, Fire Hose Reel Signs, ABC Powder Signs, and Fire Blanket Signs.