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Which fire extinguisher do you require?

When buying fire extinguishers, it's important that you choose the correct type, as some extinguishers are designed to tackle specific fire classes. It may also be your legal responsibility to ensure the correct extinguishers are in place. If you're unsure as to which extinguisher(s) you require, simply give us a call on  0800 316 1469 , we'll be happy to help.

 CO2:  CO2 extinguishers are the go to choice when it comes to fires involving electrical equipment such as in the office, as they won’t harm PC’s, monitors, or electrical cabling and they leave no residue behind after use.

 Water:  Standard water extinguishers are designed to deal with Class A fires only. They’re a cheaper option that can deal with common fires such as those that have taken hold on wood, paper and textiles.

 Water Additive:  Water Additive extinguishers are similar to the traditional water extinguishers, designed to tackle Class A fires, however the chemical additives make these extinguishers much more effective when used and therefore come with a higher fire rating.

 AFFF Foam:  AFFF Foam extinguishers are a very effective option for both A and B class fires, which makes them a good option for many different environments.

 Dry Powder:  Dry Powder extinguishers are another very versatile type, being effective on all but Class F. They’re often known as ABC Powder extinguishers because they’re widely used on Class A, B and C.

 Wet Chemical:  Wet chemical extinguishers are often found in commercial kitchens, as they are designed almost exclusively for use on cooking oils and fats such as those found in deep fat fryers (F Class).