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Flexitec is a self-seeking automatic fire suppression system that requires no electrical power to operate. In the event of a fire, the tube will rupture at the hot spot and discharge the extinguisher contents directly on to the source of the fire.

The system uses a specialised polymer detection tube which is pressurised. The tube is routed through the compartment that needs protecting, secured in place with fixings, putting it right at the source of any fire. When a fire occurs and either touches the tubing or the heat is sufficiently high enough, the Flexitec tube wall softens and bursts at the hottest point allowing the extinguishing medium to extinguish the fire at source.

Flexitec offer three kinds of fire suppression system in various sizes:

FM200: A HFC-227ea clean agent extinguisher, used for class B and C fires as well as electrical fires
Foam: AFFF foam extinguishers are used for class A, and B fires
ABC Dry Powder: For use on class A, B and C fires as well as electrical fires