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Taxi / Private Hire / Hackney Carriage Fire Safety Pack

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This Fire Safety Pack is ideal for a Taxi or Hackney Cab, in recent legislation change all Private Hire and Hackney Carriage vehicles are to be bought into line with the latest regulations.

Councils throughout the Country are now implementing the following:

1. An efficient AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher with a nominal capacity of no less than 1 Litre minimum, which complies in all respects with the British Standards Institution specification for portable Fire Extinguishers

2. A suitable First Aid Kit containing at least the following items and conforming to BS8599-1:2011

  • 1 x First aid guidance leaflet
  • 1 x Hypacover first aid dressings, 12x12cm
  • 1 x Hypacover first aid dressings, 18x18cm
  • 2 x Hypaband triangular bandages
  • 2 x Hypaband safety pins
  • 2 x Hypacover eye dressings
  • 40 x Hypaplast washproof plasters
  • 20 x Hypaclean sterile wipes
  • 1 x Hypaplast microporous tape, 2.5cm
  • 6 x Hypatouch nitrile gloves (pair)
  • 2 x Hypacover finger dressings
  • 1 x Hypaguard face shield
  • 1 x Hypaguard foil blanket
  • 1 x Burn dressings, 10x10cm
  • 1 x Clothing cutters
  • 1 x Hypaband conforming bandage, 7.5cm

Our Fireshield 1Ltr AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher has become widely recognised and trusted, it has become well known for it's hiqh quality and reliability. The smaller AFFF Foam Extinguishers are ideal for Cars, Mini Buses, Taxis, Caravans, Small Boats, Small Kitchen Areas, Domestic Properties and much more.

Our Small Workplace First Aid Kit has become very popular within the vehicle industry due to certain Councils recommending that local Hackney Cabs and Taxis should be carrying a certain quantity of First Aid Supplies whilst chauffeuring clients around. Ideal for minor incidents whilst travelling, this kit contains everything you are likely to need whilst on the move. Neatly packed in a Vinyl Wallet, comprehensive kit and conforms to British Standards.

This Pack has been designed around our Fireshield Fire Extinguisher range which are widely recognised and trusted, they have become well known for their high quality finish and reliability.


  • 1 x 1ltr afff foam fire extinguisher
  • 1 x Soft pouch first aid kit conforming to BS8599-1:2011

Extinguishers: are ideally suited where both class A & B fire risks exist. Aqueous Film Forming Foam or AFFF is particularly suited to fight liquid spill fires such as petrol, oil, fats, paints, etc. and works by forming a film on the liquid to extinguish the fire.

Small Workplace / Vehicle First Aid Kit - BS8599-1:2011: are ideal for minor incidents whilst travelling.

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Taxi/Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Fire Safety Pack

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