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Spill Control

Available from Fire Protection Shop are a range of spill control products including the HypaClean Disposable Clean Up Pack which is a compact pack, ideal for a safe clean up and disinfection. The pack is single use and is recommended to use with the HypaClean Absorbent Powder.

The HypaClean Body Fluid Disposal Kit in Wallet is a convenient single application body fluid disposal kit supplied in a vinyl wallet. The kit is compact and easy to transport enabling you to always be prepared in case of an emergency.

HypaClean Absorbent Powder are essential for the effective cleaning of body fluid spills, whether its blood, vomit or urine. The powder is highly absorbent; 10g of powder absorbs 1 litre of liquid, making it ideal for fast emergency clean-up.

Evolution Body Fluid Disposal Kits are specially designed for the safe removal of body fluids in order to ensure a safe working environment and high level of hygiene. The kits are available in 1 application, 6 applications and 12 applications.