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Hydrant False Valve Tops

Fire Protection Shop supply a range of False Valve Tops which are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to enable compatability to any style of Underground Hydrant Valves and have a standard male tapered top (to BS 5163) for valves up to 600mm.

Underground hydrants are all fitted with a valve top as standard from new which is the means of opening and closing the waterway. The valve top is operated by the use of a standpipe key & bar.

With regular use or damage the original underground hydrant valve top can become worn and the sides can become ’rounded-off’ making it very difficult to obtain an adequate purchase with the key and bar to open and close the underground hydrant valve. Often in this situation the bar will rotate on the valve top as soon as pressure is exerted to no effect.

False Valve Tops can be easily fitted over the original valve top and a stainless steel threaded bolt will secure in place providing a new, undamaged tapered valve top enabling the operator to open and close the underground hydrant valve with ease.

To ensure complete compatibility with a wide range of underground hydrant valves we can supply the false valve tops in five different sizes, false valve tops are manufactured in accordance with current British Standards. Specification: All iron is cast to engineering grade 220 cast iron BS 1452. Aluminium is cast to LM4, LM6 and LM25 heat treated to TF Conditions.